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What type of wood is it made from?

There are many types of wood some of which may last a few years while others will last 100yrs. Western red cedar is a proven wood used by the Alaskan Indians to carve totem poles. Many of which are still standing after 100yrs. It also costs as much as 3 times more than other wood.

Is the bullseye in the center of the carving?.

If the bullseye is in the carving it will crack, no matter what kind of wood its made from. If a half of a round log is used it lessons the chance of cracking tremendously.

What type of finish is used?

If it is going to be outdoors? a good log home finish is recommended, a good polyurethane is best for indoors and can be used outdoors

How much character does the piece have?

If you are considering a standing bear does it have its front legs suspended away from its body? Is its head turned and tilted so you can see its face?

You can buy a 36in standup bear with head facing straight forward, front legs tight to his body made from a skinny white pine log with the bullseye in the top of his head and finished with used motor oil probably for $150.00 or less or you can buy a top quality bear made from a half log of western red cedar with legs suspended away from his body and the head tilted up and turned, finished with a name brand finish for probably $250.00 which will last for many years.

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